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When Life Calls For a Mini-Camino

If only I always lived a mere four hour drive from the Camino de Santiago!  For my May “puente,” as the Spanish “holiday weekend” is known, I decided to take full advantage of my proximity to the Camino.  Using Bla Bla Car, a ride sharing service for the first time, I headed back to Santander where I had left off in September on the Camino del Norte. Read more

Challenging Myself on the Camino del Norte

There was a swell of emotion in me as I prepared to move to Spain and it certainly followed me all the way back to the Camino de Santiago.  This Camino was an extreme mental and physical challenge for me, to a much greater degree than those 800 kilometers on the Camino Francés. Read more

The Final Kilometers of the Camino

It’s hard to believe that exactly a year has passed since I finished the Camino de Santiago and it has taken me that long to recap that anticipated moment of arrival.  I’ve been lucky enough to be able to keep in touch with my Camino friends, and have even been reunited with a few— with Therese in December in Belgium, with Guy last week in San Francisco, with Daniel TODAY in Columbus, and of course with my dear Filippo. All five hundred miles hold lasting memories for me, beautiful scenes and, good-souled people.  The following are excerpts from my Camino journal. Read more

My Camino Film

I don’t think that my homesickness for the Camino will ever fade.  It holds such a special place in my heart, as I know it does for all who have walked its stunning, spiritual path.

While I snapped tons of photos on my journey, my only regret is that I did not take more video to capture the many steps and changing landscapes.  Had I had plans to make a little film, I would have hit the record button dozens of times more.

Nevertheless, the moments I did capture on my iPhone were enough to weave together a sweet little story of some of the Camino’s many faces and places.  Makes me smile every time I watch.

Do you want to walk the Camino now?

Bye Bye Burgos

After nearly a year of rest days, I anxiously journeyed back to where I had painfully (literally and figuratively) parted ways with my fellow peregrinos.  This arrival via bus from Madrid however, lacked the “weak in the knees” feeling (again both literally and figuratively) of my first meet and greet with the charming Castilian city. Read more

My “Eat, Pray, Love” Summer

Summer certainly held her grip, but alas fall is here again and I’m left pondering where to begin when I am already so many months behind.   To say my summer was epic, just sounds too cliché, but it was just that. It was a summer of worldly adventure that no doubt left permanent marks on my heart. The kilometers I crossed on foot, by plane, and tuk tuk tell tales that will forever remind me of the life I want to shape for myself.  To summarize, it was my summer of “Eat, Pray, Love.” Read more

The Camino in Color

When the lovely Cat of Sunshine and Siestas asked me to participate in Travel Supermarket’s Capture the Color contest, I finally had some motivation to put aside the piles of teacher and grad school work to get back to my neglected little blog. After a life-changing summer of travel, I have a book’s worth of stories to share from Spain and Southeast Asia and it’s time to get started. Read more

Summer of Travel: Part I

When I am 80 (and fabulous), I surely won’t look back and say, “you know, I really wasted all those teacher summers when I was single and free.”  No, no, not me.  I will say that I have completely stressed myself out the past two months since I returned from my solo Spring Break trip to Spain (which I have yet to finish writing about), but it has all been for the adventures that await me Summer 2013.  First up: The Camino de Santiago. Read more

Craving the Camino

Nearing the end of the first quarter of the school year, I can’t help but feel exhausted and I know I’m not alone.  Whatever it is you’re doing from nine-to-five (an obvious joke for 99.9% of the population), I have a feeling you are dreaming of somewhere else you would rather be as your stress levels have reached their peak. Read more

Called to the Camino

As I continued westward on the Camino de Santiago, past sheep guided by shepherds, through sun-soaked fields of wheat spotted with blood-red poppies, and vineyards as far as the eye could see, so often I just smiled to myself.  I was right where I should be. Read more