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Scenes From Amsterdam at Dusk

The dipping sun is the perfect backdrop to my sugar high.  I have been salivating over the waffle stalls, but then politely declining for far too long.  Within moments I have devoured the satisfying treat and Filippo and I are headed arm-in-arm towards the museum district.  From beyond the bare trees, the sun, being sure not to wear out its welcome, is at the optimal level to create a dramatic light scene.  Thick beams cut through the bicycle axels and envelop the amateur skaters stumbling on the seasonal ice rink.  Read more

Daydreaming in Amsterdam

We’re tracing the bicycle-lined canals making our way towards the city center and sure enough, there he is, with his staff and hat with the scallop shell.  Really he’s more like a pal now, a familiar face, however far from home I may be.  Only a few minutes into our Amsterdam adventure for the day and Santiago is there to greet us, maybe to remind us why we are even here together in the first place. Read more