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Posts from the ‘Italy’ Category

Under the Calabrian Sun

In the baking quiet of a Calabrian summer afternoon, va bene, quindi, and hai capito crescendo on a looped track through my mind. I feel everything in this chaotic Calabria. Read more

At Home in Reggio Calabria, Italia

Touchdown Reggio Calabria.  Thankfully our decent to the tip of Italy’s “boot” had been relatively smooth and only called for minor adjustments by our Alitalia pilot. This is not always the case due to the city’s position on the windy Straights of Messina, just opposite the mountains of Sicily and Calabria. Read more

The Art of a Roman Holiday

A frigid wind is wickedly pelting us as Filippo naturally maneuvers our scooter through the chaos of Roman traffic.  He does so with the ease of having called this city home for eight years and for that I am grateful.  I feel safe, alive, and free, albeit today chilled to the bone.  We are late to meet a special friend who has proven that all roads really do lead to Rome, even our beloved Camino. Read more

On Learning to go with the Flo in Rome

Just days before The Vatican ignited in the media, I watched Woody Allen’s, “To Rome With Love” and although I wouldn’t give the film two thumbs up, the golden scenes of the Eternal City made me yearn for the Rome I missed out on. The budget-friendly Italy trip I painstakingly orchestrated during my semester abroad unfortunately left me with a lack-luster impression of the Italian capital.  The travel lesson was clear; not all trips are paved in perfection, but one should always search for the silver lining. Read more