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Travel Surprises in Antwerp, Belgium

Filippo and I had just arrived back to Brussels after a lovely day in Bruges when I got the best travel surprise.  Thanks to Facebook, I found out my dear Swedish friend, Therese, from my first Camino just so happened to be a mere forty minutes away in Antwerp.  We were on the phone in a matter of minutes making plans for the following day. Read more

Bruges the Beautiful

The Sunday after Christmas Bruges was ablaze with tourists.  After 45 minutes searching the city for a parking spot, Filippo finally settled on a nice piece of sidewalk under a bridge. Crossing ourselves, as if God would spare us from an illegal parking ticket, we set off to explore charming Bruges. Read more

Christmastime in Brussels

After many unlucky attempts at getting out of Cleveland, I finally hit standby gold, a First Class seat to Brussels.  Thanks to the few hours of horizontal sleep I manage, I land into the arms of my favorite Camino souvenir, Filippo, relatively refreshed.  Brussels blesses me with a rain-free day, though chilly day.  Thankfully, Filippo blocks the wind as we gracefully weave through traffic on his motorbike. I count in my head the years it took for the mental image of myself holding on to the waist of a European as we meander through the commotion of town to come to fruition.  I’m living. Read more