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Perfect Days in Pasajes de San Juan

I love that this year I not only get to know Madrid, but San Sebastián and special spots in País Vasco as well.  Pasajes de San Juan is one of those Basque towns I was instantly enamored by and even better, the Camino del Norte passes through this coastal hideaway en route to San Sebastián. Intimately set on the sea and dressed pretty in pink, San Juan easily charms the traveler who floats— or walks up to its door.


It is a short drive to the city’s industrial port from San Sebastián, and from there an easy walk through Pasajes de San Pedro, another quaint town along the port. For less than a euro a small boat will take you across the inlet towards San Juan’s cluster of colorful facades.


Filippo surprised me with an afternoon stop here in September and we returned in November with my sister and her boyfriend.  Both days the sun was on our side and helped ignite the sea a brilliant blue.  Our short walk through town took us past the home that once belonged to Victor Hugo and up to the church plaza decorated with dozens of San Juan’s signature pink flags.



We backtracked towards the center of town where a wedding party reveled in a post ceremony high. Content in the commotion of camera flashes and family embraces, we ordered a round of red wine and then another.


Camino arrows feel like home

Camino arrows feel like home

Further through town we followed a gradual incline that wove us along the water.  In summary, it’s a picturesque stroll with happy-to-be-alive views.

That second trip though was really something special because I was able to share this enchanting  spot with my sister.  I know my paparatzi tendiences were maybe too much, but all I wanted to do for Erin and Chris was help save the scene forever.




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  1. Wow, beautiful! Now on my bucketlist!

    December 9, 2014
    • Oh good, I’m glad. It is really a little dream of a trip from San Sebastian. Makes me love that area even more. You need to return to Spain!

      December 11, 2014

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