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Letting the Rain Fall in Lekeitio

I had read about the town of Lekeitio on the blogosphere and was anxious to visit another quaint coastal Basque town. It’s location between big travel hubs, Bilbao and San Sebastián, make Lekeito an easy day trip if you are traveling by car in Basque Country (which I highly recommend). I surely had set my sights too high after falling hopelessly for other show-stopping smaller Basque  destinations like Hondarribia and St Jean de Luz, and well, Lekeitio didn’t dazzle me. While I don’t feel a pulling desire to return to the town, there fortunately is a rainbow at the end of my story.


Our self-guided tour had only just begun before we felt the first few raindrops. Not surprisingly I was hungry, so we dashed into a bar to share a few pintxos. As the rain intensified, I decided to not allow the showers to ruin the day. I was dry and in a bar with my boyfriend, food and wine, not walking up a rain drenched mountain with a twenty-pound backpack. I was going to allow this summer shower to slide.


You know you're in Basque Country when...

You know you’re in Basque Country when…

A few drinks in, the rain relaxed enough to step out with an umbrella and we managed to walk the few steps toward the church before the sky opened up on us once again. We found another bar to burrow into while maintaining our undisturbed outlook. If anything, it was a day spent with my boyfriend amidst the romantic ambience of a pelting rain that traps you indoors.


As we walked towards the car along the seaside street, the sun suddenly debuted. Rays collided with drizzle and we looked out towards the vast blue water. Above, arching across the sky from one end of the horizon to the other, a jaw-dropping rainbow. Isn’t that just how life works sometimes?


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