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Peace in Biarritz, France

It’s easy to miss San Sebastián and the ease of spending the day in both Spain and the south of France.  We made the short journey to Biarritz a handful of times and each trip, I seemed to lose all sense of time.  When you allow it, travel has a beautiful way of allowing time to melt away so that the moment is what matters not the minutes.



Arriving in Biarritz, my first impression was gazing far down at the surfer’s beach where big sky mixes exquisitly with the wind and waves.  As we took a stroll through town waiting for the tide to go down, I was all too preocuppied with the first impression I was leaving; Biarritz was posh and polished and I was not dressed the part.  Envious of the trendy French women, I tried my best to forget my casual beach attire and memorize the scene.  Our walk curved along the rocky coast offering savoury seaside views.




During those late afternoons, Filippo and I would part.  As he paddled out from the shore to soak himself in the peace of surfing, I discovered my own peace in the quiet contemplation of watching the waves.  At a time when my thoughts were heavy with change, these moments of calm born in the fresh breeze of fading light, allowed me to reset.





Biarritz is yet another French city I adore.

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  1. Judy Shumaker #

    Kara, I truly admire the adventure in you! I am jealous! Sure wish I had the courage and knowledge that you do at a young age. Continue as you are my dear, and savor each and every day!

    October 10, 2014

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