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Summer of Travel: Part I

When I am 80 (and fabulous), I surely won’t look back and say, “you know, I really wasted all those teacher summers when I was single and free.”  No, no, not me.  I will say that I have completely stressed myself out the past two months since I returned from my solo Spring Break trip to Spain (which I have yet to finish writing about), but it has all been for the adventures that await me Summer 2013.  First up: The Camino de Santiago.

Since completing the first 12 stages of the Camino Francés last summer, I have been aching to return.  Funny thing is, I will literally be aching when I return; walking upwards of 15 miles a day, day after day, with all your belongings strapped to your back uncovers some pretty gnarly pain, even for the most macho of men.

Burgos Cathedral

Burgos Cathedral

 Pain aside, the Camino is calling me back, so off to Burgos I will go to pick up where I left off. Training for the twenty-some days of walking in my near future has been basically non-existent, but with my mochila already packed, I’m mentally prepared for it to become an extension of my body once again.  Here’s a little sneak peak into the Spanish landscapes ahead…

The Meseta



This flat section of the Camino from Burgos to León is both loved and hated.  In a metaphoric sense if the Camino is broken down into three parts, “Life, Death, and Rebirth,” the Meseta is most definitely Death.  After reading and hearing that the heat was intense and the views dull, I had originally thought I would skip these kilometers.  I quickly changed my mind when I imagined the Meseta’s big sky and the meditative transcendence these stages invoke.  And I think that is what people fear the most about the Meseta, the miles it affords to be attune to ones thoughts.  I am anxious to see what this expanse holds for me and see it complementing Part II of my Summer of Travel quite nicely.








Santiago de Compostela




Stayed tuned for My Summer of Travel: Part 2.

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  1. Buen camino!

    June 27, 2013

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