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Standby to St. Thomas

Today winter is not quite ready to part with Ohio, but as a teacher I’m not complaining.  It’s a Snow Day!  What juxtaposition in scenery to my birthday weekend getaway to the U.S. Virgin Islands. 

I couldn’t think of a more needed birthday gift than to fly somewhere warm and sunny with a strict plan of no agenda.  After a series of disappointments topped by my parents putting down our almost 15-year-old family dog, I was ready to get out of town.  My mom and I hadn’t been anywhere together in almost two years, so it was time to fly standby to somewhere.

Mi mamá y yo

Mi mamá y yo

The morning of our departure, I awoke at dawn to the New York City skyline and a jumbo jet outside the window of the Newark crew lounge that played hotel for the night.  After checking the loads and weather in Mexico, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and The Dominican Republic, mom and I decided to chase the Caribbean sun to St. Thomas.  With only one open seat, luckily my mom could take the jumpseat.

Gorgeous view from our balcony

Gorgeous view from our balcony

Touching down in St. Thomas without hotel reservations, we ended up with an extremely discounted room and ocean view at a lovely resort.  Kindle in one hand, a Rum Runner in the other; I sank into the comfy cushioned lounge chair on the resort’s private beach severely overdosing on Vitamin D.


Feeding the iguanas

Feeding the iguanas


The crystal clear still as glass water was a first for me.  Once fully submerged and a few yards away from the shoreline, I rose to the surface, toes pointed out towards the post card view before me. Finally relaxed, I felt my winter blues floating away.



What tropical getaway are you dreaming of?

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  1. Heather #

    Loved reading about your fabulousness birthday get away! Looks like an amazing weekend of relaxation!

    March 6, 2013
  2. Lauren S. #

    Looks incredible! Sooo jealous!

    March 6, 2013
  3. That clear water is gorgeous! I especially like the last picture, too, of the shoreline at night.

    It’s been snowing here, lately, too–glad you got to escape the cold for your birthday!!

    March 6, 2013
  4. So great! My mom is a teacher and my dad worked for FedEx. We used to fly standby, which is why I had the travel gene in my so early! (though mom does score me free teacher stuff!)

    March 7, 2013

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