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A Dad and Daughter’s Semana Santa Adventure

I’m not going to lie, it has been hard for me to think back to Semana Santa because it ended in heartbreak, and almost two months later, I am still trying to heal.

Nevertheless, this Holy Week was going to be a special one because my dad was making his very first European debut.  I planned a grand Spanish tour to show him the beauty of this country that will forever be my second home. Read more

Toasting to 30 in a Spanish Pueblo

It seems only fitting that after turning 20 living in Spain when I studied in Sevilla,  I would ring in my thirties living the Spanish life once again. Read more

Let’s Add Lisbon to the List

It’s our last night in Lisbon and we have just succumbed to our cravings, opting for an all-you-can-eat sushi bar (a decision we will quickly regret in the upcoming days). With soy sauce now flowing through our veins, we find ourselves moving with the rhythm of this European seaside capital.  Up and down gentle hills, our feet occasionally lose grip of the colorful tiles soaked with winter rain.  Instantly, we feel the presence of Carnival, samba beats and joy spilling from a crowded bar onto a quiet street. From the doorway, our bodies naturally align to the festive sounds, but all too quickly the finale fades, and we are standing back on the quiet, slick street wanting more. Read more

A Fairytale Winter’s Day in Germany: Neuschwanstein Castle

When I found out that my mom had a four-day layover in Munich at the end of January, I knew I had to find a way to get there.  Luckily, my coordinator at school was kind enough to let me take off a few days during the week and make up my hours.  Using Munich as our base, we took advantage of the Bayern or Bavarian ticket to take day trips around the region.  Our combined ticket was only 28 euro for the day and took us to and from Füssen to visit Neuschwanstein Castle, said to be the inspiration for Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle.  The nineteenth century Romanesque style castle was commissioned by Ludwig II, king of Bavaria from 1864-1886. Read more

The Art of a Roman Holiday

A frigid wind is wickedly pelting us as Filippo naturally maneuvers our scooter through the chaos of Roman traffic.  He does so with the ease of having called this city home for eight years and for that I am grateful.  I feel safe, alive, and free, albeit today chilled to the bone.  We are late to meet a special friend who has proven that all roads really do lead to Rome, even our beloved Camino. Read more

Celebrating Las Navidades in Madrid

I’ll never forget the moment on the evening of my first Thanksgiving away from home, when I emerged from the metro onto Gran Vía. Brights lights beamed down upon a bustling street, where in unison we all shared that beginning-of-the-season enchantment. Read more

Life Begins in Madrid

It is 6:30 on a Thursday evening and I’m sauntering home amid steamy December temperatures (to Ohio standards) after an afternoon filled with food, wine, and plaza sitting.  One of my favorite things about Spanish life is the midday meal when one does not have to splurge on a good portion of delicious food; for around ten euro, the menú del día offers two courses, wine or another beverage, and a desert. The menú, along my dear tortilla, jamón, queso, and vino tinto, (I’ll stop there) are only the taste palette in a city that ignites all my senses and reminds me that I am fully alive.  Little by little I am making a beautiful life for myself here in Madrid.  The past few months have been all about the small victories, and sometimes stumbles, of learning to live in another country. Read more

Perfect Days in Pasajes de San Juan

I love that this year I not only get to know Madrid, but San Sebastián and special spots in País Vasco as well.  Pasajes de San Juan is one of those Basque towns I was instantly enamored by and even better, the Camino del Norte passes through this coastal hideaway en route to San Sebastián. Intimately set on the sea and dressed pretty in pink, San Juan easily charms the traveler who floats— or walks up to its door. Read more

Where the Oysters and Dunes Are

I shouldn’t be surprised by how quickly I developed a taste for oysters.  It wasn’t hard to achieve considering I was seated overlooking the water from which they came.  Paired with a sweet white wine, and served with a tin bucket of french bread and perfectly melting butter, this was a lunch to remember.  I was fixated upon the sophisticated French women surrounding our table.  Thin and naturally beautiful, and all puffing away incessantly on their cigarettes.   I quickly realized as i coughed from the second-hand smoke and finished a second bucket of bread, that I would never be like them.  At least though, I could relax in the same scene as them, downing oysters, toasting in the autumn sunlight, and counting sailboats. Read more

France Beckons Once More: Bordeaux

Champagne, Paris, Normandy, French Basque Country, and now Bordeaux; at the start of the year, I never imagined that France would reign supreme in my travels. And as I have done with all the French towns thus far, I made some more room in my heart for Bordeaux. Read more


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