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Perfect Days in Pasajes de San Juan

I love that this year I not only get to know Madrid, but San Sebastián and special spots in País Vasco as well.  Pasajes de San Juan is one of those Basque towns I was instantly enamored by and even better, the Camino del Norte passes through this coastal hideaway en route to San Sebastián. Intimately set on the sea and dressed pretty in pink, San Juan easily charms the traveler who floats— or walks up to its door. Read more

Where the Oysters and Dunes Are

I shouldn’t be surprised by how quickly I developed a taste for oysters.  It wasn’t hard to achieve considering I was seated overlooking the water from which they came.  Paired with a sweet white wine, and served with a tin bucket of french bread and perfectly melting butter, this was a lunch to remember.  I was fixated upon the sophisticated French women surrounding our table.  Thin and naturally beautiful, and all puffing away incessantly on their cigarettes.   I quickly realized as i coughed from the second-hand smoke and finished a second bucket of bread, that I would never be like them.  At least though, I could relax in the same scene as them, downing oysters, toasting in the autumn sunlight, and counting sailboats. Read more

France Beckons Once More: Bordeaux

Champagne, Paris, Normandy, French Basque Country, and now Bordeaux; at the start of the year, I never imagined that France would reign supreme in my travels. And as I have done with all the French towns thus far, I made some more room in my heart for Bordeaux. Read more

Letting the Rain Fall in Lekeitio

I had read about the town of Lekeitio on the blogosphere and was anxious to visit another quaint coastal Basque town. It’s location between big travel hubs, Bilbao and San Sebastián, make Lekeito an easy day trip if you are traveling by car in Basque Country (which I highly recommend). I surely had set my sights too high after falling hopelessly for other show-stopping smaller Basque  destinations like Hondarribia and St Jean de Luz, and well, Lekeitio didn’t dazzle me. While I don’t feel a pulling desire to return to the town, there fortunately is a rainbow at the end of my story. Read more

Challenging Myself on the Camino del Norte

There was a swell of emotion in me as I prepared to move to Spain and it certainly followed me all the way back to the Camino de Santiago.  This Camino was an extreme mental and physical challenge for me, to a much greater degree than those 800 kilometers on the Camino Francés. Read more

Charming France and Spain in a Day

I am a sucker for the quaint and cute and so I think I was born to love Europe.  The charm of País Vasco has started to subdue my Sevillle obsession.  The Basque Country is just that amazing.  Whether it’s the French or Spanish side, my senses are completely captured.  Luckily for me I don’t have to chose sides and I can enjoy them both.  If I had to pick between St Jean de Luz in France and Hondarribia in Spain, I wouldn’t know what to do. Read more

More Basque Beach Towns: Zarautz and Getaria

About 15 minutes up the coast from San Sebastián is the coastal town of Zarautz (also the starting point of my Camino del Norte).  Known for great surfing, the town swells with tourists during the summer.  We were lucky to find parking in the free lot piled with cars parked haphazardly in the dirt. Read more

Peace in Biarritz, France

It’s easy to miss San Sebastián and the ease of spending the day in both Spain and the south of France.  We made the short journey to Biarritz a handful of times and each trip, I seemed to lose all sense of time.  When you allow it, travel has a beautiful way of allowing time to melt away so that the moment is what matters not the minutes. Read more

Some Things I Love About San Sebastián

I have been in Spain over a month now and I’m just starting to process everything I have done.  Setting up a new life in Madrid has just been a sliver of the adventure. There has also been rich and rewarding travel in northern Spain and the south of France.  Through the beauty of it all there have also been the breakdowns that come with change and uncertainty, but the travel always trumps the tears. Read more

USA Farewell Tour and Standby to Spain

What a summer it has been.  It has been full of family and friends that span my lifetime; elementary school, high school, college, post college, and even the Camino.  I went as far east as France and as far west as California.  From standby flights across the USA to road trips blasting country music while I still can, I took full advantage of my last bit of the USA. Read more


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